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Risk management; complaint recognition and prevention

Enhance and improve your strategies for preventing complaints occurring
 £ 30

Safeguarding Adults: Essentials of the Mental Capacity Act 2005

An update and addressing in more detail the importance of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 for dental te...
 £ 30

Safeguarding Adults at Risk

How to comply with CQC requirements for safeguarding vulnerable adults in preparation for a CQC prac...
 £ 25

The A-Z of emerging pathogens and their impact on dental infection control

Challenges from emerging pathogens for infection control in dentistry
 £ 30

The Dental Channel's new website for 2017

A preview of our new website for 2017
 £ 20

Four-handed dentistry

How to optimise the working environment for both dentist and nurse, prevent injuries and transform c...
 £ 25

Mental health and dental health: Identifying common psychological problems in your practice

How practitioners can identify and manage patients with common psychological issues
 £ 25

The 2017 Dental Channel is GO!

Our new service for 2017
 £ 50

Dental management of patients with oral cancer

Practical advice for GDPs and their teams in the dental care of patients with oral cancer
 £ 30

Diagnosis in Oral Cancer: challenges for the general practitioner

A guide to help practitioners recognise most tumours of the head and neck
 £ 30

Corporate dentistry: friend or foe?

A discussion of the effects that the growth of corporate groups are likely to have upon the dental p...
 £ 25

The Orthodontic 'Slik Fix'

Understand how to assess the validity of the claims made for the latest orthodontic systems
 £ 25

Getting in the habit: Applying the science of habit to oral health

This training investigates the science behind ‘habits’ and how an understanding can help promote...
 £ 50

Acute pain: Effective management in general dental practice

The challenges presented by patients presenting in acute pain and their effective management
 £ 30

Our social side

How to make the most of our community features and sharing on social media
 £ 25

Periodontal regeneration: A valid clinical treatment option?

An update of the literature in periodontal regeneration and a critical appraisal of the evidence bas...
 £ 25

The Perio-Systemic link

Examining the evidence base linking periodontal with systemic diseases
 £ 50

Immediate loading of dental implants

Risk factors that must be assessed in order to obtain predictable results for patients when immediat...
 £ 25

Enhanced CPD Essentials: What dentists and DCPs need to know.

A critical appraisal of the enhanced CPD scheme for dental professionals
 £ 25

The Mental Capacity Act 2005

An overview with relevance to medical and dental practice.
 £ 30

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